Storm's Sleepover

"I had a weekend free so thought it would be nice for Storm to have a night away and get some overnight information on her to help find her a loving new home.

I've finally invested in a boot guard and Storm was very good all the way home. We got back and went for a walk around a field near mine, it was a quiet time for dog walkers so off we went without her muzzle. Storm is strong on the lead but responds well to 'slow down' and a treat to follow. She waited at roadsides and carried on when told. We met a few people without dogs on the field and they asked if they could say hello, I said this was fine as long as I put her in sit first as she might jump up with excitement! Storm sat and gave paw and let people say hello without jumping up (treats are very handy). 

We came back home as it was getting late and I had a little surprise waiting for her. I had bought a crate and dog bed to see how she was with these... Also lots of bones! She wasn't sure about the crate at first just going in and coming out... I just left her to it because I wasn't sure if she'd had positive or negative experiences with a crate.

After about half an hour of running around in the garden with toys and bones, it was getting close to bed time. We all had our dinner and Storm was very good and didn't jump up to our food, she just sat and gave us a sad face. We ignored this and she went and laid down next to the radiator. Once we had finished and started to wash up Storm came in and laid down in her crate happy and tired.

We went out at 10:30pm for a quick toilet and then she came straight back and into the crate so I closed it for the night. All night she was silent - not a little peep! Storm gets 10 out of 10!  We were all dry and clean in the morning and I got up to let her out at 8am and then she went back into her crate whilst I showered and got ready for our walk.

We went out to the Stray and enjoyed walking on the big fields - lots to smell. Again, she pulls on the lead but can be slowed down with treats. We walked past lots of other dogs and people and she was very good. We visited my gym in Hornbeam Park (BigKat Central) and Storm was good as gold without the muzzle, she sat and let everyone fuss over her. All the comments were how gentle she was and how soft natured she was... They loved her!

Sunday is my cleaning day and whilst I was doing this, I gave Storm a meat filled bone which kept her occupied for 2 hours... In her crate (opened) so felt happy in there. I had the back door open and Storm got up to go for a couple of wees and was back in with her bone. Storm enjoyed just wondering around in the house and settled really well. 

This little pup is absolutely adorable, toilet trained, crate trained, loving, gentle and a little mad...with a few training sessions on lead walking and stop jumping with excitement she will be perfect.

Please help us find her a forever loving home she deserves.
Charlene, Moor-view volunteer & foster