Rio is in foster!

Rio is being the perfect house guest for his foster family and we are over the moon that he has been given this opportunity.

We knew when we said yes to offering rescue space to Rio that he would be hard to re-home. Due to his age, plus his breed and markings, we knew people would be put off. Brindle staffies, for some unknown reason, are very hard to re-home despite being terrific dogs, fun,  full of life and incredibly affectionate.

However Rio deserved a chance the same as any other dog we take in.
Rio struggled in kennels so when we had the fabulous offer of foster with a very experienced staffy foster family we were overjoyed.

Don't be put off by his age, Rio is incredibly active. He loves playing, walking, and people!

Rio is quite vocal but we think this is stress due to all the places he has been in the past few weeks (his old home, the pound, the rescue centre, Jo and Daz's house and now a foster home). Who could blame him?

He is clean in the house, non destructive, obedient, affectionate and gentle with the children (over 7) and has very quickly attached himself to his friend in the photo here, never leaving his side.

If you could offer Rio a forever home, please get in touch!