Sydney's New Home

Sydney was adopted just over a month ago, so we checked in with his new family to see how he was setting in.

"We adopted Sydney 6 weeks ago now and we wouldn't change him for the world. He is such a loving little dog, so good with everyone he meets. Yes... he has a few little problems. Being a rescue dog it's only to be expected, but we're working through them. He hated going for walks in the dark when we got him, so slowly we started to take him out just before dark and kept him out longer while it got dark. Now he's getting better at going out when it is dark. When he's playing he snaps a little so we're slowly trying to get him out of this by turning away from him when he does it - he's learning. He is also not so good with some dogs. He's fine with most dogs, it seems to be by black dogs for some reason. Were trying to sort this one. This one is a little more difficult. I have to say though all in all he is an absolute little star. So gentle and well trained around the house. We love him so much. He comes to us when we speak his name, sits when asked, and gives a paw too. He just loves to play with us and the children that visit. Never overlook an older dog as Sydney has plenty of energy. He has made our family complete."