Tinker has a new home!

Tinker has a new home! And a new name - she is now called Layla!

Layla's new family sent us some messages and pictures of how she's settling in - you'll be glad to know it's working out very well for all parties!

Hi guys, just wanted to give you a little update on Tinker (now Layla). What a beautiful bundle of love, mischief and affection she is we are currently 'potty' training her and she is doing soooo well, only 1 accident in 2 days Layla went to Ogden Waters yesterday with another 4 legged friend and was so well behaved, she mixed with other dogs when out and even went to a dog friendly pub where she snored the whole time Layla loves to snuggle in bed and gives the best cuddles. She has been on lots of walks, is good in her lead and is very nosey....wants to know everything that is going on! I was in my office for a few hours last night and she slept in the chair next to me - very content. Today I left Layla for 3.5 hours....absolutely no problem at all..apart from her taking a liking to my blusher brush! Layla is the perfect fit for our family and she is adored by us all.

She's settled in all too well has the little beauty. She is definitely living the high life as she sleeps only in our beds (under the covers) and we're making progress on the toilet training front, making a big fuss of her when she goes outside and it seems to be getting less frequent. Layla has experienced Ogden, Shibden Park and our local park with me personally so far and is motivating my Mum to get up and has been on 90 minute morning walks since we got her. You can see her with her little jumper on as we discovered she hates rain so the jumper is 1 to keep her warm but also has a waterproof attachment so she has no excuses. Another picture you can see us treating her rash on her belly which seems to be clearing. Videos of her having her mad half hour, her encountering a swan and her being VIP in the front passenger seat on our way to Ogden! Hope this gives you a fraction of the joy she is bringing to us. By the way, the one picture she is sprawled out as if she's posing for a naked shoot...we didn't ask her to pose like that, she just knew the camera was out!