Shona is the perfect mix of fun and bouncy, and just plain chilled. She loves her walks, in particular squirrel chasing and running full pelt through long grass. She's great with other dogs, although her meet and greet style needs a little work, she's a bit too enthusiastic which some people misinterpret as aggression. It's just an eagerness to make friends and play but not everyone likes being charged at, so we're working on that and she's learning a calmer approach. I've taken her by lakes and ponds but she doesn't seem fussed for water, not scared of it but little interest in diving in. She doesn't see steaming horse droppings as a doggy buffet which every other dog I've had has. 

She's really obedient and eager to please so comes when calls, well except if she's a squirrel in her sights, then you've no chance.

At home she is happy to chill and laze around. A bit of light ball chasing up and down stairs or fighting with her chew rope and that's enough for her. She's allowed on the sofa so there's usually a scrum for pole position in the corner, she wins. She's incredibly affectionate full of kisses and cuddles and will tap your leg with her paw if you're neglecting an ear rub. She's spent time with children of all ages, toddlers to teens and is just as great with them.

We've been on lots of drives and she's fine in the car, just curls up and has a snooze. Wasn't fazed at all by her visit to the vet and had her booster without even flinching. The vet said she's in great shape physically. We often get stopped when we're out by people saying how lovely she is. Kids always say she looks like a tiger and she could be doing ads for L'Oreal her coat is that shiny.

The only issue Shona has is her separation anxiety. This is getting better, as I build up the time she's left. She used to stress wee as soon as you left her but hasn't done that for over a week now. She still cries and is a bit of a sweaty mess when I return but I think with patience and a regular routine she will eventually overcome this. As her early years were spent with lots of other dogs she's never been left on her own and it scares her. I think if she had a mate that would help enormously. 

Shona genuinely is an absolute star and I would keep her in a heartbeat if I could. If you have a dog who needs a new best mate please don't miss out on making it Shona as you'll be missing the chance to have a fabulous, funny, loving soul in your lives, she's fab.