Adoption Forms and Facebook Messages

We are a tiny rescue and have in total four people who voluntarily manage our administration.

We are finding we are getting applications and queries coming in via the website and when we message back to arrange viewings people are either not turning up or not replying to our emails.

When we have a lot of applications for dog like Ledger Willow and Lexi it's impossible for us to invite everyone to view so we limit to a few and keep others on hold til we see the outcome.

Please can we ask you to really think through before applying as it's really not fair on our dogs if we genuinely think we have interested parties and put off other people in good faith only for it to lead nowhere when people don't turn up it don't bother to reply.

We all do this for one reason and that's because we love these dogs and our priority is to get them their second chance at happiness.

If you are genuinely interested please go to the website and complete an adoption form and if we feel your circumstances match the dog we will arrange a viewing