Luca's Story

Hi, I'm Luca (previously known as Blade), and I wondered if you could help me find a home?

I've waited patiently in two rescues now, and nobody ever comes to see me and I don't know why.  😢 All the nice people in the rescue don't know why either, they say I'm a really lovely dog. 🐶
I did have a home a long time ago when I was about nine months old. I don't know why, but one day they left me and didn't come back, so a rescue centre took me in and looked after me. Everyone was really nice, they took me on walks and played with me, but I missed a warm comfy house and having people around all the time.
I've now been in a rescue for almost a year now, and I keep seeing the other dogs going off to their new homes, but nobody ever comes to see me or asks to take me home and I wonder why that is. 😢
I'm a bit sad to be honest as its no fun not being able to curl up on a sofa or have people to play with all day long. I feel quite lonely spending all my time in a kennel. It feels like its a very long time because dogs have much shorter lives than humans. I have lots of things I would like to be doing like playing with tennis balls and having my tummy tickled all day, that's way more fun than being on my own.
The volunteers here make sure I get lots of attention and they are really trying hard to let people know what I'm like, so I thought i'd give them a hand...
I LOVE tennis balls! The more toys I can try and get in my mouth the better! I never get tired of playing, I have tons of energy and would love a new owner who will give me lots of exercise.  I do get super excited with toys and can get carried away, but the volunteers keep making me sit and wait for my ball or toy or they wont throw it for me so I'm learning to be patient but its so hard!  Sometimes when they want to take me a walk I will decide that I would rather just play in the field, but with a bit of persuasion I do go and enjoy it. I've heard the humans say they like walking me because I don't pull the lead (whatever that means). There are some dogs I'm not keen on in the kennels but its been so long since I've been out to play with another dog, I guess I've kind of forgotten how to. I'd love to learn how to socialise, i just need someone to teach me! Sometimes I see cats around Moorview and I want to chase them but the humans say I cant! They think I should find a home with no cats as I might upset them. I also LOVE dog treats, I get lots of them and I'm very good at being gentle when taking them.  Water and mud are just amazing, I heard the volunteers say I must have some Labrador in me. I don't know what that actually means but I love getting dirty and wet! I also love lots of kisses, especially with Daz - there's even video evidence on Facebook.

So I hope you now understand me a bit better, just ask the humans at Moorview how lovely I am, maybe you can spread the word and help me find a forever home before Christmas? - Luca X

Luca needs an experienced owner prepared to recap the training he has, and allow him to adjust to life out of a kennel again. Luca has spent most of his puppy years in rescue.
Please only apply if you genuinely believe you can give this dog what he needs - a solid secure forever home.
Luca is a great dog, ask any of our volunteers, but he will need time and patience and a strong owner prepared to train him and let him resettle into home life.
Rescue dogs can take up to a year to really settle so if you feel you are up the job then we would love to hear from you.
No cats and no children.