Sucsess Stories - Dino

Adopting Dino........
We figured it was time to find a playmate for our Chocolate Lab, Sasha, as we were nicely settled in to our new home on a small estate near Harrogate. Should we find a new puppy or rescue? That was the easiest question to answer . . .  'RESCUE!'.
Therefore, after a few enquiries we decided to contact Moor-view with a view to looking at Libby and Dino. After a successful home visit we headed up to meet the dogs. Dino was recommended as a more suitable rescue dog and we took him for a walk around the paddock. What a big boy he was! We really enjoyed our bit of time with him and, after introducing him to our Sasha, decided to take him for the following day and see how things went.
Off to a great start and looking like being a good day. Then the 'Old Girl' Sasha decided she wasn't very enthusiastic about sharing things with her newfound Big Brother. After several snapping incidents we thought that perhaps we were expecting too much from Sasha and that we should return Dino to Moor-view. So, that's exactly what we did. What an emotional time that was.
So along came Sunday and what a miserable day that was too. You see, the dog Dino had really got under our skin and we couldn't stand the thought of being without him and that's why we had to phone on Monday morning to say we were going to adopt him.
And here we are now. We have had a trip to the seaside and introduced Dino to the water, he wasn't that impressed but think the fish and chips went down well. Dino has also got close to our cat, William, but not yet managed to catch him! Sasha is settling down slowly and beginning to accept that she has to share the house and us with Dino. Dino has settled in really well and has turned out to be the most gentle and affectionate dog we have ever known. We are incredibly happy with Dino and can only thank Moor-view for giving us the chance to welcome him into our lives. They rescued Dino at the eleventh hour and helped him find his forever home.They do a really fantastic job!
Richard and Laurence