Help Lulu Find a Home!


Age: 7 years  Sex:  Female   Breed: Crossbreed

Lulu arrived at Moorview Rescue in June 2017! When Lulu arrived she was incredibly stressed and it was very difficult to get her attention because she was constantly uneasy. Fast-forward just one week and Lulu was a different dog! Lulu has settled in well and has made lots of volunteer friends. It's so lovely to see her settling in and gaining confidence day by day. 

Lulu is good on her lead and loves a good sniff of the long grass in the field. She's also very fond of rolling in it too! Lulu does not have great recall and so you would need to be 100% certain she will come back to you BEFORE letting her off. We recommend investing in some training sessions with a trainer or behaviourist to improve her recall. Lulu enjoys nothing more than long walks and finding scents, so you must be prepared to give her the exercise she needs as a larger dog. Lulu will not be satisfied with 30 minutes round the block. She will want to be running through the fields with the wind in her ears!

Lulu is not aggressive, however she can be reactive. Lulu has had a couple of incidents when meeting or walking past other dogs, however this could be due to the big upheaval and stress she has endured recently. Here at the rescue, Lulu has been carefully introduced to dogs and got on just fine, however in an exciting or stressful situation, dogs can react unpredictably and this is where issues can arise. Lulu's new owner must be aware of this and prepared to work with her and a trainer to resolve this.

Working through reactiveness and recall with a rescue dog can be incredibly rewarding but you must have the time and patience to do so. It will undoubtedly strengthen the relationship you form with your dog though. 

Lulu is a big boisterous girl who loves to have fun and play. She is very gentle when taking treats and knows all her commands including sat, paw, roll over, and kisses! 

We're looking for an experienced owner, in a quieter, dog and child free home. As an older dog, she may take a while to settle into a new home and routine, but the good news is she is already trained, and a bit more relaxed than a younger pup! Lulu also has a high prey drive so she does not like cats, rabbits or other small furries. We also feel Lulu would be best suited as an 'only-dog'. She doesn't much like sharing the limelight, and we want to make sure she receives all the love, care and attention she needs. 

Lulu is a crossbreed, we are not sure what cross, but we guess Labrador cross St. Bernard. She is about the size of a Lab, with can have the strength of a St.B when she wants to!

Lulu has been in rescue far too long now and we want to find her the PERFECT forever home where she will be loved. As an owner Lulu has plenty of love to give in return. She is a happy friendly dog who greets everyone she meets with a smile and a circular tail wag... hoping the next person she meets will be her new family.