Sucsess Stories - Max & Jasper

Max and Jasper

Max and Jasper left us in August and are both doing really well in their lovely new home, they even have their own facebook page!
We got this lovely report from Helen their mummy.

Just to let you know Max and Jasper are both really well and got over their nerves with fireworks, Jasper spent it up on Ben's bed with him and Max spent most of the time hiding between my legs.
Max continues bring economic warrior bring all empty platinum bottles home from his walks and jasper tries to see how long he can avoid going put in the rain. The laurel and hardy of staffies is how we see them.
After some months spent sat in lounge with scarves over our noses we have discovered the boys are better with dry food and it's definitely better for our noses!
Max is a little monkey he is still a needy Norman, if he thinks there is a cuddle to be had or if Jaspie is getting lots is loves he is like a bulldozer pushing his way through and he makes the funniest noise if you stop stroking him.
Jasper takes it all in his stride and sits there with a patient smile as Max licks inside his ear.
If Max has been a scamp and is sent on his bed as a time out he will go and put the smallest amount of bottom on it as if to say well I am on my bed so you can't say anything. He also goes to bed at 9pm it's so funny he just gets up out of the lounge and goes to bed at which point you can almost hear Jasper going thank god my ear can dry out now.
We love them so much they are such characters xx Debating whether we will get them in reindeer hats at Xmas or would they last mere seconds.
The boys are so happy and so close to each other it's lovely to see.