Sucsess Stories - Milo

We're fast approaching our first four weeks with Milo so I thought I'd drop you a line and provide you with an update on how Milo is doing in his new home. 

It's been an eventful first four weeks to be honest as we have been doing some work on my house so there has been a steady flow of tradesmen through the house which I thought may have been a challenge for Milo. However, he seems to have taken it all in and not really bothered too much. He has made his presence known a couple of times when they have walked in unannounced but nothing too dramatic which is fantastic considering how nervous he was when we first met. 

The first thing I really need to stress is what an utterly fantastic and impressive dog he is!! I don't know if it is the breed or because of his previous experience or perhaps a combination of both but we have developed an incredible bond very quickly and he is with me 24/7, he is very responsive to commands and he seems comfortable with his position in our pack. In fact, he slotted straight into the family unit making instant friends with 'Rosie,' my mums American Cocker Spaniel and the kids adore him. He has such a gentle nature and can't get enough cuddles from the family. 

We've started a daily training programme with an hours training everyday along with at least an hour chasing his beloved ball either on the beach or at the park. He clearly has had some training in the past and he is so keen to learn new things and picks things up very quickly. You can actually see him problem solving as he figures out what he needs to do. He is a dream to work with and very motivated. 

I recently changed his diet to a raw food diet through 'Honeys' and he seems to have adapted instantly and loves his new food. So far, we've been camping and Green Laning in The Lake District and we're off camping in Scotland next week so he now has a full range of winter clothing and equipment to keep him warm in the snow. He currently is the proud owner of his own doggy sleeping bag and mat, he has his own rucksack to carry his kit and supplies, plus a waterproof fleece lined jacket. We're currently working on building our fitness levels ready to hit the hills hiking in January when we'll be doing a week on and a week off hiking around the mountains of the UK. 

In short, Milo is now my best friend and loyal companion,  he has a very loving family to take care of him when he is not with me on his adventures! I'm pretty confident if he could write this himself, that he's say his is as happy as can be! :) 

Thank you very much for bring us all together! 

Love and hugs, 

Milo and family