Sucsess Stories - Wally

Wally aka Ronnie

So, Ronnie has now been a member of our family for almost seven weeks and what a rollercoaster those weeks have been!

He has slotted perfectly into our family and our home as though he has always been there, he is very laid back and chilled out until he wants attention and then the lovable playful pup in him is unleashed. 
He is very vocal and doesn’t hesitate to let us know he wants feeding, walking, to be let out or general attention. At times we do struggle to stop him from barking, however, we are working on this with him.
He is generally very good, he does not go to the toilet indoors and on the few occasions we have let him alone in the house he hasn’t been too naughty, more mischievous (he emptied his bowl of treats and also emptied the rubbish bin in the kitchen!!)
He does like to chew things, predominantly coat hangers (don’t ask) as he destroys any dog toys he is given within minutes of receiving them, however, he is fine with you taking things he shouldn’t have away from him, although he looks at us with his big brown eyes he is never attempts to bite.
Ron is very patient with the children, from the start we asserted their authority with him, they give him breakfast of a morning so he knows his place in the pecking order, however, her is more than happy to share the sofa with them and have cuddles.
He is becoming a great guard dog as well, as soon as someone sets foot on our driveway he is at the door barking at them, however, as soon as he is happy that they are a welcome visitor he settles down and showers them with affection.
Ronnie does like a bath, we have learnt that when having a bath or a shower the door needs to be shut because Ronnie will join you, whether the water is hot or cold or the bath is occupied or empty he just jumps right in.
He is very good when walking on the lead, we are training him to walk to heel which is coming along nicely and he will also sit at the kerb before crossing the road. He is happy to walk with the children and is happy to meet other dogs as all he wants to do is play. His recall is non-existent, however we knew this when we picked him up and is something we are working on.
We walk him over the South Downs and have a couple of fields behind our house that is fenced off so we let him off the lead in this area as we know it is secure.

Overall Ron is a welcome addition to our family, he has provided the companionship we lost when
our staffy Frank walked over the rainbow bridge. He has provided our daughter with the reassurance that she lost when Frank passed and also the play mate our son was missing. He is a lovable rogue with a cheeky character and mischievous temperament. Although he is a work in progress we wouldn’t be without him now.

However, I would not have been able to write the above had it not been for you fabulous people at Moorview, the job you do is amazing, you are special people with hearts of gold and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to complete our family. When you handed Ron over to us you were not only giving him a second chance but making our family complete again. Thank you.