Age:  3  Sex: Male  Breed:  Mastiff Cross

Max was initially flagged up as he was being advertised on a free selling site and a concerned supporter rang round everywhere to see if a space could be found, including us but as usual everywhere was full. Incredibly worried about what could happen to him she took him in and continued to look for rescue space but let him stay with her.

Max has cherry eye as you can see and is going to have an operation to fix this when he’s being neutered and is on eye drops at present.

We do have some info from the supporter who brought him to us as he stayed there for a few weeks..

Max is 3 years old in August. He is very playful and clumsy and loves human company. He is like a shadow in the house wherever you go he will follow, you will often feel something on the back of your leg and it’s his nose pressed against you.
He likes nothing more than sitting next to you on the sofa and being cuddled. He can be excitable and jump around especially when he has toys. He adores children, we had a very energetic 10 year old girl staying with us for a week and he played with her constantly and wanted to be near her all the time. I do think however due to his size and that fact he can jump around when he’s excited that secondary age children would be best for him. 
He adores toys particularly squeaky ones (I’m not sure he’s ever had toys before so he’s very new fangled with having them.) he also loves bones and burying them in the garden. Since he loves people so much I think he would like a family who are around a lot as this seems to make him happy. But due to his size he needs a large house and garden as he is prone to knocking into things. 
He will come back if you call him although he haven’t tested this out and about with dogs. And he knows sit and will do this for treats. In terms of his walking he clearly hasn’t been walked much as he does pull and weave - not very badly and he has improved rapidly with this. He is very strong so when walking he would need a physically strong owner
He is a clever dog and loves sniffing and smells. He does slobber when food is around, and as I mentioned earlier is clumsy and likes digging so he wouldn’t be suitable for a family that is super house proud for this. When he meets new people he seems slightly nervous but in no way aggressive, but he quickly warms up with treats. He chases the cats and barks at Guinea pigs. However he doesn’t seem aggressive to the cats more excited. Again due to his size people would need to consider issues such as having enough space for a large bed / sofa, having enough car space etc. Overall, I think he would make an excellent family pet for an active family with older children. 

Max is still being assessed here and we will update on anything we find too


Please note: This dog has NOT been assessed with small children and other animals by Moorview Rescue. If you are interested in meeting, fostering, or adopting this dog, please fill in an adoption form and we will contact you within 7 days. You can also contact us on 01423 711993.