Age: 1 year  Sex: Female  Breed: Caucasian Shepherd

Nika arrived at Moorview in March 2018. Despite her size, Nika is only a baby at 1 year old!

Beautiful Nika was quite nervous and unsettled when she arrived. It's understandable that she was quite confused by all her recent changes.

We are ideally looking for an experienced owner who can dedicate a lot of time to train her. These dogs are happiest when they have a job to do and they are often used as guard dogs including for livestock. A properly trained Caucasian will deliver unfaltering loyalty and devotion.

Nika doesn't have much in the way of training that we have seen, however she is quite stressed and just might not be showing us just yet. 

Nika is ok on and off leaf lead, but is not keen on actually walking! Again this may just be due to the confusion of her new surroundings. She has been dog-tested with Harry the Collie and was fine.

Please note: This dog has NOT been assessed with small children and other animals by Moorview Rescue. If you are interested in meeting, fostering, or adopting this dog, please fill in an adoption form and we will contact you within 7 days. You can also contact us on 01423 711993.