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Age: 2 years  Sex:  Female  Breed: Crossbreed

Ruby arrived at Moorview Rescue with three other dogs in January 2018.

All three young dogs were very nervous when they arrived but as each day goes by, they are coming out of their shell more and more. Ruby is probably the most timid and sensitive of the three dogs.

Ruby is a lovely but shy little girl, who will need a patient and kind owner who will love her and give her the time she needs to come out her shell. You may have seen the videos on our Facebook page of Ruby with Erica (volunteer). Erica's patience and kindness was rewarded with lots of snuggles and love.

Ruby just wants to be close to the three other dogs she is currently with (they've been staying in the cabin all together). We think initially, Ruby is going to need someone who is home a lot of the time, to enable her to settle into her surrounding, before slowly starting to introduce separation. She will need to build confidence being left, slowly and correctly. 

Ruby has lived with other dogs and a cat previously however we cannot guarantee how she would react to new feline or canine friends. Due to her nervous nature, we do not want Ruby re-homed with children under the age of 7. She needs an owner with a strong calming influence, and we feel she may find children intimidating or unsettling, especially in a new home.

Please note: This dog has NOT been assessed with small children and other animals by Moorview Rescue. If you are interested in meeting, fostering, or adopting this dog, please fill in an adoption form and we will contact you within 7 days. You can also contact us on 01423 711993.