Age: 1  Sex: Male  Breed:  Cross breed

🐶 Snoopy is looking for a new home!

Snoopy is an 11 month old puppy, who’s breed is a bit of a mixture!

He is an energetic pup that loves to run around and burn off all that energy! 
Snoopy is a very clever dog that learns very quickly. He loves his treats and finds training very enjoyable.

Snoopy equally loves to grab teddies and run around the field like a loon, having the time of his life!

Snoopy already knows sit, paw and down, however it can take him a while to concentrate on you and not keep jumping up! 
He does like to jump up but he is learning (slowly but surely) not to greet people like that.

Snoopy has good recall and walks well on and off his lead. 
Snoopy has barked at a few dogs on his walks but he soon settles down and walks alongside them. Snoopy has not yet been off his lead with other dogs and we feel he would benefit from being an only pet.

Snoopy will require some general training to keep him calm, and he benefits from food enrichment games such as snuffle mats and stuffed KONGS. 
He is just a puppy that needs to be shown what behaviours are and aren’t acceptable, however he is eager to learn and fun to train. He will make a very rewarding companion to watch his development into a lovely dog.

Please note: This dog has NOT been assessed with small children and other animals by Moorview Rescue. If you are interested in meeting, fostering, or adopting this dog, please fill in an adoption form and we will contact you within 7 days. You can also contact us on 01423 711993.