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Age: 5 years Sex: Male  Breed: Staffy

Look at those puppy dog eyes!

When Tyson arrived, he did have a viewing with a family who wanted to adopt him, but they had an older dog and Tyson did try mount that dog a few times and for that reason (and rightly so) the family did not go ahead and adopt Tyson, as they didn’t want to risk the happiness of their existing dog. Since then, poor Tyson has had no interest!

A lot of people have been asking “What is Tyson like with other dogs?" - The truth is, we don’t know!

Tyson has never shown any aggression to the other dogs in the rescue kennels. He not interested in them, he just wants to get out and have fun!

Tyson met Harry (the Moorview Collie) last month and they both had a play off lead and were fine.

Poor Tyson is getting fed up being in rescue and who can blame him? Tyson was brought to Moorview by the Dog Warden in January 2018 after being abandoned and left alone. We are hoping to find Tyson a loving and caring home where a family can give him the love and attention he deserves.

Tyson is such a clever boy and eager to please. He would benefit from someone who has breed experience, and would be willing to put time and effort into training him. We have no previous history on Tyson, however it’s clear he has some issue with being on a lead, he can get very nervous/excitable and try to grab the lead. Work is in progress up at the rescue, walking him with a muzzle and trying to de-sensitise him to the lead. We’ve also been using high reward treats to make it a positive experience, although the excitement of a treat can make him a bit vocal.

Life is so exciting for Tyson, there are tennis balls to play with, rope toys to pull, and people to give cuddles and get treats from! Tyson’s off-lead recall is excellent and he has come back to us every time he is called. He knows sit and paw and is very gentle taking treats.

Can you help Tyson find his forever home?

Please note: This dog has NOT been assessed with small children and other animals by Moorview Rescue. If you are interested in meeting, fostering, or adopting this dog, please fill in an adoption form and we will contact you within 7 days. You can also contact us on 01423 711993.